Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Theodore Roosavelt

His completion of the navy man Canal was definitely bingle that non only changed our country entirely changed the world and the room things were shipped. The navy man Canal may not have been his idea except he has the incentive to go verboten there and excite off it. He was as well as an embolden for the regular person and medium Joe. From the passage of the Meat follow-up Act and the sharp feed and Drug Act, both of those acts looked fall out for the just American. Teddy as well as helped the miners by dissolving a polish and aloneowing them to make much pay. An incredible achievement would be receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for something had rattling had nothing to directly do with our country! It is said that he also donated his prize bills to war-relief efforts and charities during world war two, to shew his disapproval of the war and how is invent for peace didnt movement out. In my opinion, Theodore Roosevelt was a real positive president. 1 of t he major accomplishments would be his trust busting. This is where he attacked the provide that trusts had over Congress. idea to now, huge corporations have an uttermost(prenominal) Influence over politics. One of the only reasons that they have so much authority and power is beca pulmonary tuberculosis of how much money they possess. They use their money to curb a politician by promising them a sum of money.
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Roosevelt went aft(prenominal) those trusts and companies and tried to get them to stop having a big regularise over what Washington was doing. Teddy also helped mine resolveers when they were all on strike. He worked to end! the strike by religious offering them higher wages for less(prenominal) hours of work. In doing this he stop the strike and got them back to work finally. This goes to show that he was out for the wellbeing of Americans and would not be stopped when it came to helping the average Joe out. He also changed the way that food is processed throughout the United States. He created the Pure Food and Drug Act. privileged this act, it regulates the labels on the cans of food that we...If you call for to get a amply essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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